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Akcent amor latino dating

One of them, Gheorghe Zamfiris famous throughout the world today, and helped popularize a traditional Romanian folk instrument, the panpipes.

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Wallachia[ edit ] Wallachia is home to the taraf bands, which are perhaps the best-known expression of Romanian folk culture. Doina is poetic and often melancholic, sometimes compared to the blues for that reason.

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Banat[ edit ] In Banatthe violin is the most common folk instrument, now played alongside imported woodwind instruments ; other instruments include the taragot today often the saxophone plays the taragot role in bandswhich was imported in the s from Hungary.

The cimpoi bagpipe is also popular in this region.

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In the end of the s, the Maramuzical music festival was organized to draw attention to the indigenous music of the area. There are other styles of folk music. The flute fluier in Romanian and violin are the traditional melodic element, but now clarinets and accordions are more often used. Conservation of Romanian folk music has been aided by a large and enduring audience, and by numerous performers who helped propagate and further develop the folk sound.

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