Movie actors over 100 years old dating The Centenarians – Movie Folk Who Lived 100 Years or More

Movie actors over 100 years old dating

Carla Laemmle - October 20, presidencia de alvear yahoo dating June 12,Age Bradbury Foote - April 5, - December 14,age I remember being shocked to realize that he had only recently turned when he died in !

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Dorothy Stickney - June 21, - June 2,age Fay Tincher, 99 - As we approach the list I should point out you may immediately notice that most of our film-related centenarians have only died in the past thirty or so years. Marc Platt - Dec 2 - March 29,Age George Abbott - June 25, - January 31,age Actress Angela Clarke - August 14, - December 16,age Helen Bray - November 25, - October 15,age Or any other year for quite awhile.

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Ruth Langdon - January 8, - December 20,age Actress Yvonne Howell - July 31, - May 27,age