Ms access 2010 tutorial relationships dating 11 important database designing rules which I follow

Ms access 2010 tutorial relationships dating

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Below are my own 11 rules which I remember on the top of my head while doing DB design. Below is a video which explains the three normal forms step by step using a simple school table.

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So if tomorrow we want to update the syllabus we have to update it for each student, which is painstaking and not logical. By unlocking different game levels one can score max point. In these kinds of applications your end user is more interested in analysis, reporting, forecasting, etc. For unlimited hierarchical data self-reference PK and FK Many times we come across data with unlimited parent child hierarchy.

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In case of OLAP where we do a lot of summations, calculations, these kinds of josiane laure online dating are necessary to gain performance. This rule is also termed as the 3rd normal form: For such kinds of tables, creating a central table and differentiating the data by using a type field makes more sense.

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This is also one form of redundancy.