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Persona 3 dating games

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Persona 4 and Persona 3 Portable added the persona to take take direct control over allies, eliminating this problem. Dancing Moon Night[ edit ] Release[ edit ] When the original PlayStation 2 version of Persona 3 was first released in Japan, it soldcopies in its first week andcopies overall in Japan by One of the ideas had by the team for Persona 3 was to use it as a medium for introducing Japanese dating to a western audience.

Games where the player character is female and potential objects of affection are male are known as GxB or otome games. The same goes for every weapon quest minus the last one, which is the only one that forces you to get it in a rare chest.

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Igor informs Aigis that the transfiguration symbolizes a change in Aigis' psyche, and that her Journey is about to begin. The protagonist dies at the end, but both he and Aigis seem to have accepted it and he passes on with a calm smile.

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Ironically, the citizens in the game act this way toward Apathy Syndrome victims. This is a new gold standard for Japanese RPGs and by far the best entry in the series yet.

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Public confidence in the government and justice system is falling, and the powerful elites of the city plot to game these incidents to their advantage. Chidori turns hostile and attacks the party.

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We knew nothing about using the key to open the path to the future. On December 31st, the player is given the option to kill Ryoji at this point. After debating on what to do now, they discover a third, new door nordwestradio online dating the Abyss of Time, which the group uses without the Final Key to travel to the moment the protagonist sealed Nyx from the world.

If the correct things are done in FES and Portable, Chidori will come back to life although the canonicity of this is ambiguous and it's possible to save Shinji in P3P when playing as the female character.

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