Wiggle-match dating of tree-ring sequences of numbers Wiggle-match dating of tree-ring sequences of numbers

Wiggle-match dating of tree-ring sequences of numbers

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Even an airburst should leave its mark, so the scientists think the Laurentide Ice Sheet absorbed much of the impact. And now some scientists are theorising that an impact might have contributed to three events almost 13, years ago, the sudden cold mia wasikowska dating, the disappearance of 35 large species of mammals the horse and camel actually evolved in the Americas, and survived by crossing the Bering land bridge, heading the opposite way as the migrating humans, before they became extinct in their native environmentand the collapse of the Clovis culture.

That caused changes in Atlantic Ocean currents, which started a 1,year ice age known as the Younger Dryas.

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The evidence for a comet impact is substantial. But an idea once considered a little out there is now hitting closer to home.

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A team of international researchers, including two Northern Arizona University geologists, reports evidence that a comet or low-density object barreling toward Earth exploded in the upper atmosphere and triggered a devastating swath of destruction that wiped out most of the large animals, their habitat and humans of that period. But the research team has offered evidence of a comet, two and a half to three miles in diameter, that detonated 30 to 60 miles above the earth, triggering a massive shockwave, firestorms and a subsequent drastic cooling effect across most of North America and northern Europe.

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A comet, some five kilometres across, entered the Earth's atmosphere, and exploded above the northern ice sheet, causing, among other damage, the catastrophic deluge of melt-water into the Atlantic. Heat from the explosions and fires melted substantial portions of the Laurentide glacier in Canada, sending waves of water down the Mississippi and into the Gulf of Mexico.