Son ye jin and lee min ho dating goo Son Ye-jin says relieved Lee Min-ho not young-looking (1)

Son ye jin and lee min ho dating goo

I wanted to do a masculine drama, so this was actually what I thought about the hardest when trying to choose my next role. His daughter, Park Kae In would never accept him as a renter so he pretended to be gay.

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When I met Min-ho, I started thinking it would be great to have a younger brother like him. I don't really look old, but I had come to choose older parts because I was trying to show my serious, deep side.

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Following that, she… [ More ] Status: Following her usual systematic dating rules, Ji-Won fakes a schematic car accident to capture Min-Jun's attention and successfully approaches him. I was actually exhausted because the final shooting for " The Slave Hunters " and initial shoots for "Personal Taste" overlapped.

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First of all, Son Ye-jin is a great actress and other actors are excellent too, so I do feel the pressure and desire to receive good reviews on my acting as well. Min-ho was cast first in the drama and I thought a guy like Lee Min-ho would be attractive playing such a role. She has a great personality so I hope other people wouldn't misunderstand her.

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I think that Jin-ho should not seem like Goo Joon-pyo. I think there are similarities between Goo Joon-pyo in " Boys over Flowers " and Jun Jin-ho in "Personal Taste" - how did you try to differentiate the two characters?

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There is a thing called the sophomore jinx -- do you feel burdened by this? I heard from the director that the character of Gae-in was close to the actress in "Light", but I haven't seen it.

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