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Quamvis latino dating

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In order to facilitate the search in the alphabetical index, every time it was possible, we have maintained the name and Latin title, without translating it in the language of the document.

Texts are provided when possible in their Latin version, official language of the Holy Church.

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The downloaded documents are available only for study, research or edification purposes. Etenim nonnulla documenta qua in internet posita sunt in tractatibus hodie sine copyright continentur. Cooperatorum Veritatis Societas does not claim the Copyright on texts but rather on their formatting.

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Le traduzioni nelle diverse lingue sono state vagliate al meglio. Similarly, files are usually large and high capacity hard disks are mandatory.

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Veruntamen, noli operibus sub iure divulgandi uti sine potestate! The attributive criteria should be intuitive: La Cooperatum Veritatis Societas ne demande pas de droits Copyright sur les textes fournis.

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