Bonsai dating sim Namco Bandai’s Dating-Sim, Namco High, Is Shutting Down In June

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However, going back to my point on Splatterhouse, there are times when games can be just plain screwed over by the company.

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Or advertising a desire to change the entire appearance of characters overseas, but not advertising their decision not to. In fact, I used to like Namco before I started looking into this stuff. Click the file listed on the Files tab to download the file to your computer.

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To cancel great comics like Klonoa: Use the Thanks button located above the screenshots above. XiaomuArisu Im still waiting for GE2!

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Perhaps just not enough folks thought the bones Shifty Look was putting out were tasty enough. As I said, there are ways to make smaller, cheaper games and still get them to a wide audience.

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T Namco wont release the 2nd gsme of that cash cow series!