Dating wilton vises for drill Wilton Vise Parts

Dating wilton vises for drill

With spindles machined from high quality cold rolled steel stock and fitted with generously proportioned handles all sizes were equipped with modern precision cut acme threads.

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Throughout all the changes, over 73 years, the original bullet vise designed in by Rich men dating services Vogl is still the largest selling industrial vise in the marketplace. The first products in this category were drill presses and bandsaws.

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Because Wilton vises were only sold to the government, and did not have a distribution network in place, the surplus of vises now flooded the marketplace from the government, and nearly forced Wilton out of business. After the war ended, the government dumped their surplus of tools and equipment into the marketplace at huge discounts. These clamps were tested to deliver the maximum possible strength for each once of weight with a body made of refined malleable pearlitic castings with tensile strength ranging as high as 80, lbs psi.

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Hugh Vogl, together with his son Alex who began working with his father inset out to build a solid distribution network. The fine threaded spindle accurately fit in a horizontal anchored, unbreakable malleable nut. The manufacturing of the Wilton industrial vises was moved from Schiller Park to Carpentersville IL where they are still manufactured today.

Vogl, a Czech immigrant, founded the vise manufacturing company naming it after the cross street where the original company building was located:

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