Xdating scam site finder Is xdating.com a scam?

Xdating scam site finder

She provided me with some of the same photos as posted on your website Chatted breifly and I asked for her photo Charles Canada Report N added on January, 28, Same old finder, wants a soulmate, you're man of her dreams asks for money for plane tickets and iphones, uses profiles pics from porn stars, she's been at this for years. When I mentioned I already knew a woman in Ghana, who was from Pennsylvania, she broke off sites.

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I also reported this to Yahoo, she is still seen on Yahoo Messenger. When I asked her about this she said FB cancelled her account but it would be reopened.

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There are many scams of her on this website, which she is still using as part of her story, which made it easy to confirm her true identity. Guys if you are talking to this lady you should not give any money to her like I did.

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Look at your countries website and it will tell you visiting visa requirements for each country. I was unwilling to send money and when I told her that she changed her story and told me that she was to inherit a lot of money and needed almost six thousand dollars to lay claim to the money.

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