Nick jonas and kate hudson dating Kate Hudson And Nick Jonas -- Guess What We're Doing Together? (PHOTOS)

Nick jonas and kate hudson dating

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Wait, these celebs dated?! This pairing may seem out of the blue for some, but Jonas and Hudson actually have a few mutual connections.

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They made an effort to keep things under wraps, using the private pool for members that's harder for regular guests—and paparazzi—to get glimpses of. The two celebs were spotted enjoying each other's company on multiple occasions over the weekend, while Jonas continued his world tour in Florida.

Getty Images Should the latest rumored hookup be true, it's quite a doozy!

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Their festivities reportedly began with a trip to Disney World in Orlando. The year-old crooner attempted to go incognito with a baseball cap, but was still spotted by a fan while riding a roller coaster alongside Hudson. Although it would be kind of amazing to make Nick and Kate Hollywood's newest celeb couple, another source tells us they're "just friends.

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News they were definitely acting coupley. Additionally, the mother of two is a fan of the singer, and attended his Sept. Plus, show creator Ryan Murphy has also worked with Kate in the last few seasons of Glee who could forget her strutting in a leotard and leg-warmers?!

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Kate Hudson's list of good dating usernames examples style After rocking the house at House of Blues in Orlando Saturday night, Jonas jetted to Miami, and it seems the year-old actress joined.