Archivum franciscanum historicum online dating Bibliography of Secondary Sources

Archivum franciscanum historicum online dating

Bacon is sometimes not very correct in his expressions; there may even be some ideas that are dangerous or open to suspicion e.

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Francis was the author of it or that it was approved by Gregory IX, as is sometimes asserted. In a few instances it borrows regulations from the original rule and from the modified form of that rule published by Innocent IV.

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Their efforts met with little success and they returned to Europe. But there is no real error in matters of faith, and Bacon repeatedly asks the reader not to confound his physics with divination, his chemistry with alchemy, his astronomy with astrology ; and certainly he submitted with all willingness his writings to the judgment of the Church.

The Closing or the Opening of the English Mind?

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For more information on vernacularizations, and late medieval and modern editions of them, see Meyerand other works in the bibliography below. Still more disastrous is the fifth sin: Ashgate, ; B.

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The Politics of Pearl: