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The government has called on unions and employers to reach agreement. Rescuers detonated explosive charges to access some parts of the cruiser that spectranet coverage in bangalore dating been blocked off since the crash.

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We will fight you with our last blood. Meanwhile, bulldozers are busy clearing debris from the containers that have already washed up and people are being warned not to scavenge.

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Remaining containers are still stuck on Rena since weather conditions caused the breakup on Sunday. He faces multiple manslaughter charges and is accused of abandoning ship — even before his passengers had managed to scramble for safety.

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Argentina, Brazil, Computers, Internet, Technology Nigerians keep up petrol protests It is day two of a general strike in Nigeria called by unions to protest against the scrapping of petrol subsidies. With his third stage win this year the French three-time winner of the race holds a two minute and 28 second advantage on his main rival Marc Coma.

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Manufacturers blame unemployment, a lack of confidence and credit restrictions. Public transport fares have shot up too, not that many buses were available, and petrol supplies were also failing to be delivered, so those brave enough to risk the roads in their cars could not be sure they would find any fuel.